Adrian Acosta of Acosta & Lichter, P.A.

Adrian Acosta of Acosta & Lichter, P.A.


Our second Grower Spotlight introduces Adrian Acosta, our favorite attorney in town. Adrian is another instant entrepreneur. He decided to start his own law firm shortly after passing the bar because he already had clients lining up at his door. After months of hard work, Adrian and his partner Erik Lichter will be opening the doors of Acosta & Lichter, P.A. next week and we couldn't be more proud. 

Below, Adrian shares his insights on opening a business. Growers Circle members have access to further advice from Adrian and all of the Growers Circle members. To apply to join Adrian in Growers Circle Miami, just fill out this form.


What is your best advice for people thinking about starting their own business? The most important piece of advice I could provide is to do your research on the costs of operating your own business and reach out to those who have gone out on their own to create their own businesses. 

What do you think was the key to your success? Making new connections and going out into the community to meet new people. Make sure you meet people within your industry and also make sure you meet people who are not. That way you have several sources of potential referrals and clients. 

What is the unique thing about your business that sets you apart from others like you? I really stress the importance of customer service and striving to always be available to speak to my clients. All to often, clients have to go through a series of conversations with other employees of law firms just to be able to speak to their attorneys. Also, I understand how difficult and costly it can be to retain legal services. In order to assist my potential clients, I offer payment plans to help ease the burden of having to pay a retainer fee all up front.