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In this week’s edition of Growers Spotlight, we feature Karyna Amador of Karyna Amador Designs and Paper Squid. Karyna always loved drawing and painting by hand as a kid and still does today (I mean, just look at this instagram), but soon discovered just how far her talents could take her within the realm of graphic design which is her main business. She started designing in 2005 and then launched a line of invitations soon after. Below she shares insightful advice on starting a business and the paths she took to start her own all while staying unique.

Karyna is one of the most talented designers we bring on for specific Idea Garden projects. She is also a member of Growers Circle, which you can apply for here if you are an entrepreneur in Miami. 


What is your best advice for people thinking about starting their own business? From my personal experience it's letting go of the dogmas of what "success" is or needs to look like to others; honestly assessing it for oneself. Many practical and financial matters are part of the process so enjoying and embracing those are key, but also letting happiness - not fear - guide. Trusting ones instincts about what projects and growth are right for you. Also taking it one day at a time. Growth can be rapidly exponential, but steady and incremental are also key.

Why did you decide to start your own business? I started designing, illustrating and freelancing on my own as a way to be able to work with the clients I resonated with and them with me. This has allowed me to work together on a more personal level, with more ease and grace in establishing their brands, goals and design needs. As I continue growing, working with both personal clients and design studios, this also allows me the flexibility to schedule my life accordingly.

What is the unique thing about your business that sets you apart from others like you? I truly listen to the client's needs, getting to know all the details of their business and their vision. I really pay attention to the feeling of what they want their design and branding to evoke and accomplish business-wise; I don't just race out to create any design. Really getting a feeling for them and the brand is important. It's a mix intuitive, practical and researched, which leads to successful and long-term results that are exciting for both parties.